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The advertising agency, DH STUDIO Werbeagentur, was established 30 years ago in Cologne; for 30 years Dirk Holst has been taking photographs – on the Canary Islands, in Germany, in the alpine countries and other destinations. And also on the wonderful island of Gran Canaria, which for many years has also been his favourite place of retreat at any time of year. An island with fascinating people, breathtaking nature, magical locations and so many different impressions.

Hundreds of wonderful photographic images have been captured over the years. We’ll present some of them, little by little, on this website – for you to look at but also for you to purchase for private and commercial purposes. And, of course, you can book Dirk Holst for numerous different photographic themes and tasks at any time!

At the moment the focus is less on paid photo productions and more on private impressions: photographs that were created spontaneously and can be seen as creative photographic works. Apart from this, Dirk Holst’s professional focus lies in the areas of hotel photography, gastronomy photography and tourism. This is because DH STUDIO WERBEAGENTUR in Cologne also focuses on the hotel, gastronomy and beauty & wellness industries and it is one of the leading German agencies in this sector:

Click through the different photographic theme areas and let yourself be captivated by Gran Canaria – and if you like the “handcraft” of Dirk Holst, you are welcome to book him for your personal photographic requirements because in the future, Dirk Holst will be working commercially, professionally and creatively from Gran Canaria.


For real estate agents, property firms, property developers and landlords. But also for private owners who would like to have their house or apartment perfectly photographed.


Impress your guests with insightful and emotional photography. Putting you in the mood for holiday, food, drink, spa and wellness – this has been one of Dirk Holst’s specialities for many years!


Experimental image processing – giving familiarity a different perspective. These works have been freely created and can be closely customised to your individual needs.


A small selection from the many enchanting nooks and corners of Gran Canaria, flora and fauna, sand dunes and sea, mountains and valleys – this island is simply fascinating!


Would you like to have an individual private photo shoot on Gran Canaria? On the beach at sunset; in the dunes in the morning sun or relaxed in your bungalow…you’re welcome at any time.


Of course, it’s essential to have some tourist highlights and places of interest. Special scenes and views; places that you definitely need to visit on Gran Canaria.

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In his position as a self-employed communication specialist (having completed a course of study at a business academy [WAK] / Chamber of Industry and Commerce [IHK]) Dirk Holst offers you independent and holistic advertising consulting and budget planning for the successful implementation of your business marketing activities. From logo development to flyer, from advertisement to brochure and from photo to website – Dirk Holst and his agency DH STUDIO have served a large number of highly satisfied clients in diverse sectors for around 30 years.

We also want to do the same on the Canary Islands in future!


An appealing and uniform visual identity is an important component in order to be perceived as commercially solvent and to be taken seriously. Such visual identities are developed by Dirk Holst in the form of holistic corporate designs with a logo, claim and slogan – implemented in handouts with defined graphical standards so that his clients can use these in future as a basis to implement further measures on their own.

And if you are not able to think of the right words at any time… we would also be happy to write texts and translate for you!


Good homepages and websites are undoubtedly also just as important as attractive printed materials because companies are unlikely to be successful in the medium term without a digital presentation. Today, around 60% of all information is retrieved via ‘mobile devices’ (mobile phones and tablets) – which means that a website  also has to be responsive, i.e. it should also offer an optimised presentation on a mobile phone and a tablet.

Dirk Holst provides you with future-oriented consulting in this segment too and with his agency DH STUDIO and the web designers and programmers who work there together they offer a successful and attractive internet presence.

All photos reproduced on this website have been taken by Dirk Holst and are © DH STUDIO WERBEAGENTUR DIRK HOLST. Unlawful copying or use of individual photographs is an infringement of rights and will be prosecuted.