Surreal editing and individual impressions

Surreal Editing


Presenting well-known perspectives in a “new light”, artistic editing of photographs, thereby creating completely new image impressions – Dirk Holst enjoys making these kinds of experiments time and again. Whether it is landscapes, buildings or people – any individual theme can be adapted to almost any format and colour variation, meaning that it can be specially customised in colour and form to meet any client requirements. This creates unique artistic photographic impressions.

All themes can be purchased. Just send an email with your requirements to: – Dirk Holst will be delighted to get in touch with you.

All photos reproduced on this website have been taken by Dirk Holst and are © DH STUDIO WERBEAGENTUR DIRK HOLST. Unlawful copying or use of individual photographs is an infringement of rights and will be prosecuted.