Gastronomy photography – in the Canary Islands and elsewhere


Gastronomy photography (and food photography in general) calls for a special skills set. This begins with the correct set-up of the tables, matching decorations, atmospheric lighting and the right eye for the surrounding space. Dirk Holst attaches great importance in his work to portraying the guest’s perspective as much as possible, i.e. to show the guests how they will feel at ‘their’ table.

It is important to work together with kitchen and restaurant management, given that while Dirk Holst is responsible for perfect presentation and the photographic portrayal, the client is responsible for the table setting and, above all, the preparation of the ‘plates’, the artistic styling of the dish. This collaboration calls for the utmost in perfection, tact and patience. And that’s how it should be because the viewer needs to “taste” the photo!

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All photos reproduced on this website have been taken by Dirk Holst and are © DH STUDIO WERBEAGENTUR DIRK HOLST. Unlawful copying or use of individual photographs is an infringement of rights and will be prosecuted.

Ein besonderes Leistungsmerkmal sind virtuelle Rundgänge. Als zertifizierter Google-Fotograf bietet Dirk Holst komplette 360°-Rundgänge und schafft so ganz neue Eindrücke für den Betrachter. Ob für Hotels, Spas, Restaurants oder Privatwohnungen – virtuelle Rundgänge begeistern!